Counter IED Model Rooms

IED Model Rooms are excellent training aids for all levels of Counter IED Training. They help in:
·                     Familiarization Training
·                     Training of Beginners
·                     Refresher Training
·                     Review of Concepts for Advanced Level Courses
·                     Add on training on Counter IED to other Courses / Cadres
We customize IED Model Rooms to user requirements.
Our esteemed customers include:
·         College of Military Engineering, Pune
·         Engineers Regimental Centers (BEG, Kirkee and Roorkee)
·         Many Infantry Regimental Centers
·         Almost all Bomb Disposal Companies
·         Special Investigation Department of Maharashtra Police
·         Bangalore Police
·         CRPF

**Distribution of these Products and Services is restricted only to Security Forces and to Authorized Security Professionals / Companies.

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