Waste Water Management


Potable water is a scarce resource and a potential source of global conflicts.
By conserving, recycling and using water, we not only save money, but also conserve our environment.
We provide a container based factory fitted Recycling plant (STP). Key system features are:
      Treatment Efficiency: >98% removal of bio-pollutants.
      Easy Operation and Maintenance: Semi Automatic requiring minimal daily supervision. Only scheduled mechanical maintenance and yearly cleaning.
      Environmentally appropriate: Low noise, aesthetically pleasing, blends well with its surroundings.
      No exclusions in supply scope: except Concrete Buffer Tank and Foundation, all systems are delivered in totality.
      Low operating cost: only Rs 10 –12 per m3 disinfected treated water.
A typical savings calculation for a housing society of 100 flats:
Typical consumption = 1 lac litres per day, all treated and filtered.
A major part of this requirement can be met through the use of recycled water:
Fresh Water usage 40000 lit per day @ 100 lit /person / day
Average water available for recycling = 70%, 28,000 lit.
Water Requirements for Recycled water
-Flushing – 16,000 lit
-Car Washing – 2000 lit
-Gardening, fountains etc – 5000 lit
-Available for Miscellaneous use – 5000 lit

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