Solar Home Products

We have developed a range of solar solutions to provide the ‘gift of power’ to people in rural / remote areas. These include:

  • Solar LED Lanterns
  • Solar CFL Lanters
  • Solar Home Lights
  • Solar Power Packs
  • Solar Mobile Chargers
Available in variety of sizes, designs and shapes, we can also provide lights as per specific requirements of clients.

Solar LED Lanterns

Model No :

Compact lighting system suitable for a small home
  • Portable and durable
  • 1W LED Based System with Night Lamp
  • 6V, 3W PV polycrystalline panel
  • 6-8 Hours Light Backup
  • Rugged ABS plastic  body in Attractive colours
  • LED indication for:
    -Battery deep discharge
    -Charging in progress
  • Sealed maintenance-free battery
  • Blocking diode to prevent reverse current flow
  • Dual charging mode (AC & Solar)

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Solar CFL Lanterns (Approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India)

Model No :
Compact CFL based lantern as per MNRE specifications
  • Home and Field Camp use
  • Replacement of kerosene lamp
  • Suited for areas with no electricity
          • Rugged ABS plastic  body
          • 5 / 7 Watt Lamp, with 2 / 4 pin depending on model.
          • 10 Wp PV Panel
          • Output:
            -5 watt CFL: 230 lumens
            -7watt CFL: 270 lumens
          • LED indication for:
            -Battery deep discharge
            -Battery overcharge
            -Charging in progress
          • Sealed maintenance-free battery
          • Blocking diode to prevent reverse current flow
          • Ambient temp of 20deg C
          • Dual charging mode


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Solar Home Lights

 Model No :
Compact Multipurpose Modular lighting system suitable for a small home
      • Rugged ABS plastic  body
      • 6V-3Wp Solar Panel
      • Two 1 W LED Lights
      • Operating Time on Solar Power (with 4-5 hours charging in bright sunlight):
        -1 Light – 16 hours
        -2 Lights – 8 hours
      • Adaptor for charging from AC Mains

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Solar Power Packs

Available with translucent acrylic cover and Prismatic lens cover
Dimensions – 300 mm x 300 mm x 50 mm for Model Nos AV-OF-12W/ 18W/ 24W
Dimensions – 600 mm x 600 mm x 50 mm for Model Nos AV-OF-30W/ 40W
Other standard sizes as per client’s requirements can be made available
      • ABS Plastic body
      • Robust  and easy to handle
      • Portable and durable
      • Suitable for areas with No electricity

        HAV-01 HAV-02 HAV-03 HAV-04
        Luminaire (CFL) 9/11W-1 9/11W-2 9/11W-1 9/11W-2/4
        PV Panel 18 Wp 37 Wp 37 Wp 74 Wp
        Battery 12V 20 AH 12V 40AH 12V 40AH 12V 75 AH
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Solar Mobile Chargers
Model No :
  • AV-SMC-003


Powder coated metal body – reliable and robust – fit for rural use
Flexible, allows charging of different phones model 
Minimum servicing and repair requirements, easily available components
      • Powder coated Enclosure
      • Dimensions: 350 x 305 x 100 (mm)
      • Weight: Approx 4.5 Kgs
      • Body: Sheet Metal Powder coated
      • PV Panel: 6 Volts, 12 Wp
      • PV Cable: 5 m cable
      • Battery:
        – 1 x 6 V, 4.5 AH SMF Battery
        – Approx 12 hour backlight backup / 2 phone charges
      • Number of Charging Stations – 3
      • Low Battery Cut off Voltage – provided
      • Backlit display Size: 295 mm x 85 mm
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