Write-up, on acrylic stand, with Use Scenario & Counter-measures – with each Model

Notes on Application Models:
Model Sizes:

Items which can be provided actual, are provided actual, e.g. Mini Cycle, purse, toy car, Globe. For large size items, miniature models are provided, e.g. Door Frame (Magnetic), House Roof (Light) - these miniatures are of Plastic, etc
Mounting Base: Where required, for small, portable items, laminated wooden boxes are provided.
Power Supply: All models operate on 9 V DC battery. DC socket for external AC adaptor is provided in each model. AC/DC Adaptor is an optional supply item.
Sensors: Each model contains built-in sensors, as per type of mechanism. Initiating props like laser pointers, remote controls, camera flash etc are provided.
Output Indication: Flashing multicolor LEDs along with buzzer sound indicate activation of IED.

Model with Write-up on Acrylic Stand

Alarm Clock (Mechanical Timer)

Ammunition Box IED (Electronic PTD)

Anti-vehicle Tilt rod bomb

Battery IED (Ignition Operated)

Chair Cushion (Pressure) – chair to be arranged by user

Cycle - Mini (Pressure & Pull)

Dog IED – stuffed toy (Anti Handling)

Doll (Pressure)

EFP (Explosively Formed Projectile) – Static Model

Fire Extinguisher IED with cut model (Tilt)

Flashgun with Multi detonator

Flower Pot (Sound)

Gas Cylinder IED (Release)

Gift Box (Touch)

Helmet (Collapsible)

Jumping Mine –schematic cut section

Kerb / Curb-side IED device (IR Barrier) – see through cut section

Letter Parcel (Release)

Mobile Phone (DTMF) – in plastic tiffin / bread box

Mobile Phone Phone with additional timer delay in Jewellery box

Photo Frame IED (Flashgun Initiation) IR

Plastic Box (Electronic Timer) – User Settable

Platter Charge - Static Model

Pressure Cooker (Light)

Purse (Tilt)

Radio with RF Control (Remote)

Shoe / Boot (Pressure)

Suicide Bomber – Full Mannequin (with 3 Suicide Bombs)

Suicide Bomber - Shoe Bomb (of type used by Reid Bomber)

Suicide Bomber - Underwear Bomb (Tac Switch / Pull)

Telephone (Release)


Tiffin Box (Metal)

Toy Car (Pull)

Toy Train (IR Beam)

Toy Car (Pull)

Water Camper (Anti Handling)