Training of security personnel driving the Daksh ROV & mini ROV on a simulator

The simulator is for the training of security personnel on driving the Daksh and other ROVs in various terrain configurations, and for manipulating IEDs/objects of different shapes and sizes using the ROV/claw.

Maneuvering of ROV: The simulated ROV can be moved in the scene using the controller.

Controlling the Arm: The ROV arm will be controlled by the trainee from the controller. It will include control of the arm at its joints and also the claw of the ROV.

Terrain: The simulator will consist of two terrains, Urban and Rural. It will include relevant negotiations like rocky terrain, steep inclines, steep climbing, vertical obstacle crossing and gap crossing.

Day/Ni Mode: Each terrain shall have day and night simulations. In night mode the trainee shall have to rely on light sources on the ROV.

Scoring: On the basis of negotiations encountered and mode, the trainee will be given a score.