1. Features: 
    1. RF Wireless based Mechanisms with Audio and Simulated Blast:
      • Allows Mines to be shifted around for each exercise.
      • Makes training realistic.
    2. Variable Mine Emplacement: Mines can be shifted around, so that each exercise is “new”.
    3. Control Room, with Control Panel: With real time view of Mines and mine blasts.
    4. Mine Breaching Exercise Sets: Equipment is provided in sets:
      • Laying Party equipment: Mines (with RF Transmitters) and Mine Laying equipment (dummy mines are provided by the user).
      • Breaching Party equipment.
    5. Solar based battery charging and power supply for Control panel can be provided.
  2. Advantages:
    1. Comprehensive Training: on all possible Mine Laying / Breaching / Recovery Scenarios:
      • Mine Laying
      • Minefield Recovery.
      • Minefield Breaching.
      • Making an ISL / VSL.
    2. Training Flexibility:Due to flexible infrastructure provided.
    3. Training Realism.
    4. Exercise Monitoring and Control:Through the Control Panel and Control Room.
  3. All models work on 9V battery, output indication by buzzer & high bright flashing LED lamp.
  4. RF signal transmitters trigger main console to produce ‘BLAST’ sound & LED indication.
  5. RF system operates at 433 MHz range with digital modulation/demodulation & max range 100 mtrs.