Counter IED Training Ranges are the ultimate training infrastructure, for getting trained in Counter IED tactics, drills and procedures in a near real environment.

We develop ranges, specifically based on:
  • The actual geographical area of operation
  • Type of Terrorist / Insurgent Threat
  • Types of IEDs encountered
  • Under vehicle inspection.
  • Inspection of bus, train or plane.
  • Open door and move objects.

We develop customized ranged, based on our extensive experience in conducting counter IED operations. The ranges are modular and easily upgradeable to keep current with changing conditions.

Suggested Implementation of a Counter IED Range

(The range can be designed as per user requirement)

Outdoor Training Range with RF Wireless based Mechanisms and Simulated Blast

  • Infra red switch-IR Barrier, at the entrance gate of an IED range
  • Magnetic switch-GI pipe Barrier
  • Vibration switch-Door of sentry post
  • Pressure switch-Fitted with M-14 anti-personnel mines
  • Metal proxy switch-Spread on road (4nos)
  • Pressure switch-Implemented on bridge
  • Pull switch-Strap of bag hung on tree
  • Solar switch-Rocket launcher wired with solar switch
  • Trip wire-laid across the path
  • Touch switch-Gift box kept at Dhaba
  • Pressure Cooker -At Dhaba
  • Gas cylinder (static)-At Dhaba
  • Command switch-Radio- at bus stand
  • Release switch-Brief case- at bus stand
  • Light switch-Under the Cement pipe
  • Mech Timer-Conventional Mech Timer
  • Electronic Timer-Kept at roadside
  • P T D-Kept at roadside
  • R C I E D-Kept at roadside
  • Command switch-Pipe Bomb
  • Collapsible relay-Helmet
  • Tilt switch-Water Bottle
  • Release switch-Mannequin
  • IR proximity-Post box
  • Armature switch-Cycle
  • Sound switch-Flower pot in House
  • Mobile switch-Mobile in House
  • Flash Operated-In House
  • Laser switch-Across the door
  • Temp switch-With lantern in the House
  • Magnetic switch-Box
  • Water drain level-Water Hamper
  • Metal proximity switch-Tiffin box
  • Pressure switch-With chair in the House
  • Main Console with RF Receiver, decoder -12 V Battery with charger, Blast sound generator, RF receiver
  • Solar based charging system-PV panels and charge controllers