Train your people to defeat BOMBS...

Up to 3 sided exercises (Security Forces, Terrorists & Bystanders)

  • Realistic Training:
    • Blasts with Audio & Smoke.
    • Kill & Danger zones.
    • IEDs can be shifted around.
    • Exercises can be recorded and replayed.
  • Control room with control panel: (with real-time view of IED blasts)
    • Blasts on the range are seen in LED screen.
    • Command type IEDs can be initiated.
    • Live video of exercise is seen on a separate screen. (if surveillance cameras are fitted)
  • C-IED Exercise sets:
    • Security forces equipment set.
    • Terrorist/insurgents set.
    • IEDs Set.
    • Post blast investigation set.
    • Suicide Bomber set.
    • Bystanders and scenarios set.

Key Features:-

  • Training Realism
  • Training Flexibility
  • Exercise Monitoring & Control
  • Recording exercises for analysis & Lessons learned